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Bring light into your GUBE. The LED-illuminations-module glows brightly and brilliant. You can upgrade the GUBE basic module and the GUBE basic module half depth with the LED-illuminations-module at all the time.You will need less than 30 seconds for assembly.

Place two GUBE plugs in the predrilled holes, than chip on the rubber hinge and place the LED-illuminations-module on the rubber- finsihed. For directly or indirectly illumination you can rotating the LED-illuminations-module by 360 degrees.
Adapted to the LED-illuminations-module you can get the diffusor. Between the hinged diffusor is space for individual images, logos or photos. So you will get an illustrated illuminated object.   
Overview of configuration services
Upgrade the GUBE basic module in a simple way
Upgrade the GUBE basic module with half depth in a simple way
excessively low-current LED-technics
simple illumination or illustrated illumintation
single illumination or integrated in a GUBE shelf
Ideal for exhibitions, presentation and living rooms
simply and quickly assembling
diffusor out of translucent polypropylene
Scope of delivery
1x Transformer
1x LED-illumination in an aluminum box
2x Rubber hinge
2x Plugs
Building und care instructions
item number - LED-illumination
LED-illumination - no ZM427U

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